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Studio Project - Little Turtle Tom Barton & Diego Villalta Villalta/Boon/McKenzie
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At the end of 2015, I teamed up with long time friend and musical collaborator Tom Barton to create an album whilst in Osaka, Japan. The result, was the critically well-received Connections. Off the back of this album, the duo performed shows throughout 2016 at venues such as Bird's Basement, MONA, and Uptown Jazz Cafe amongst others. The release was toured nationally in collaboration with the exceptional Melbourne jazz ensemble, The Surface Project, on the back of their recently released album.

Connections features daring explorations into the sublime and surreal, sketched with a diversity of musical techniques and electronic experimentation. Wholly improvised, the recording was inspired by the duo's time touring Japan. The music is a journey between sacred inner spaces and the chaotic, wondrous natural world.

Tom Barton - vocals/effects

Diego Villalta - guitar/effects


Little Turtle Floods started off as a 4-piece ensemble playing my original music. The band consisted of great Melbourne talents Damien Ellis, Ron Romero and Dave Evans, and explored aspects of odd-time grooves within the context of the usual cinematic and textural landscapes that my original music tends to lie in.

The project has now evolved and the music is part of a larger studio album that I am currently recording. Rhythm section parts have been recorded and the personnel has changed and grown to encompass a large amount of instrumentation.



In 2017 the Villalta/Boon/McKenzie trio was invited to play a headline slot at the 6th Annual UNESCO Phuket International Jazz Day Festival. The band was well received by the Thai press (particularly radio stations Radio Thailand and 89.5 Phuket Live) as well as the festival audiences.

Having collaborated on performances and studio recordings while on tour there with acts from China, Singapore, Mauritius, the UK and Thailand, the band has now arrived to their native Melbourne shores and begun work on their first Australian studio release.

In June, recording started at Melbourne's ColourSound Studio and the project is now in the mixing/mastering stage, set for an October release date.

Diego Villalta - guitar

Sam Boon - sax

Lincoln McKenzie - guitar


Solo Pataphysics I.E.D. The Hold TIERRA
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Solo guitar music is some of my favourite to compose and play. I approach it in two different ways with distinct repertoires:

firstly in the traditional sense, with just an acoustic or electric guitar playing instrumental versions of jazz standards, pop and traditional songs, and my own originals. This was my interest and focus during my honours year at the VCA and I enjoy exploring it still.

The other way I approach my solo work is with guitar plus a host of electronic equipment including a tablet, samples, loop devices and effects pedals.

Pataphysics is an Australian music rarity. The band is a mash up of powerful political flows, trumpet, MPC, live improvised beats, fat bass-lines, guitar and freestyles. It’s lead by the intriguing songwriter/vocalist/trumpeter Pat Marks, who composes hypnotic tracks that weave between the political anthems of hip hop, the feel good vibes of reggae and the smooth tones of soul and jazz. Pataphysics brings an ever-changing feel to each new tune and show.

Drawing influences from the musical stylings of Miles Davis, Erykah Badu, and Public Enemy, as well as Sri Lankan, Aotearoan and El Salvadorian musical roots, Pataphysics has developed a dark, blunted, hypnotic sound known as Soulful Guerilla Hip Hop.



The Hold is an ensemble that crosses both musical and international boundaries. The band is comprised of 4 musicians who originally met in Melbourne, Australia, while studying jazz and improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts. Since then, they have diverged to diverse musical and geographical frontiers, but are brought together every year to collaborate as The Hold. With a lineup of piano, guitar + effects, trombone, and vocals + live looping and effects, the group interacts in an intimate and dynamic way. Their exploration of genre, timbre and improvisation in both original and standard repertoire is something truly special to experience. The Hold has toured Japan for two consecutive years starting in 2015, selling out shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Himeji and Nagoya. Following such successful visits, the band is set to tour Japan again in 2017 after a select few shows in Australia..

Nathan Liow - piano

Diego Villalta - guitar/effects

Tim Morcom - trombone

Tom Barton - vocals/effects



Tierra was a group I formed and ran from 2009-2014 to explore different aspects of song structures and group improvisation. The unusual make-up of the group meant that every facet of the music had to be approached in a unique way - the line -up is guitar with effects, double bass, a range of different recorders, and drum kit.

One of the first shows we played was for The Darebin Music Feast festival in Northcote and for the next couple of years the band continued to perform and evolve. It reached a climatic peak when we released our album to 2 full-audience shows, since then the group has gone into an indefinite hiatus.

Diego Villalta - guitar

Ryan Williams - recorders

Adam Spiegl - bass

Leigh Fisher - drums



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